Following the principles of Forest School and participant-led learning, all of the activites offered by Ghillie Dhu are designed to create a better understanding of the natural world and to provide experiences that improve confidence and raise self esteem.

Ghillie Dhu uses an outdoor setting that works in harmony with nature and all four seasons, providing an experience which is memorable, enjoyable and effective, which has a lasting positive impact and frequently exposes participants to new and fulfilling challenges.

The activities offered frequently involve participants learning a range of new skills, some of which include:

  • Awareness and respect for the natural environment
  • Artistic development
  • Bushcraft techniques
  • Exploration and identification of flora and fauna
  • Photographic Workshops
  • Musical Journeys
  • Team-building

Each programme of activities will involve an element of problem solving, teamwork and self expression, and will often rely on newly acquired skills.  Other activities are based around traditional woodland techniques using sustainable natural resources.  Key to every activity facilitated by Ghillie Dhu is the provision of a stable platform for individual personal development.


Scott graduated as a biologist in 1984, which has provided him with a robust platform for his landscape and environmental photography business, which he launched in 2002.  Apart from private photographic commissions, Scott also supplies images and multimedia presentations to commercial clients.  In addition to this, he designs and facilitates photographic and environmental workshops for adults and children.  Scott is an accredited Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.


Since qualifying as a designer over 20 years ago, Alan has run a successful sawmilling and furniture making business with a diverse range of clients ranging from personal commissions to public sector contracts.  Alan’s extensive knowledge of the woodland environment, gained through his business activities, presented him with an opportunity to lead and facilitate environmental art workshops and Forest School programmes.  Alan is an accredited Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.